"This great book addresses very complex concepts and situations in a very friendly manner. The authors condense their vast experience into a wonderful way of teaching, not only children, but parents, family at large as well as advisors. Great Job!!"
- Roberto Vainrub, Managing Director, Financial Partners Capital Management, LLC

“Sigmund Freud advises that money is the greatest impediment to happiness as no nice person will talk about it. Having the ‘money’ talk, like having the ‘sex’ talk, is a subject very few look forward to and even fewer do well. Barbara and Suzy enable that talk-- making it joyful and doable.”
- James E. Hughes, Jr., author of Family: The Compact Among Generations and The Cycle of the Gift

“In this delightful—and playfully illustrated—book, authors Barbara Hauser and Suzy Peterfriend offer much-needed advice for affluent parents concerned about the effect of wealth on their children. Expanding on their prior book, which focused the discussion on children aged five, this version offers practical suggestions for how to have the ‘money’ conversation with children aged 12 and 20. Tackling sensitive questions such as ‘Where does money come from?’ and ‘If Daddy divorces us, can I still go to camp this summer?’, the book gives parents sample language to use in their responses and a framework for sharing their value systems about family finances. Understanding that family money and its impact on children transcends borders, the authors also share their insights about families in Asia, Latin America and the Gulf Region.  Mommy, Are We Rich? is a must-read for parents seeking meaningful dialogue with their children about this extremely critical topic.”
- Dawn S. Markowitz, Esq., legal editor, Trusts & Estates magazine

“The disconnection in awareness between affluent parents and their children is immense, and unfortunately, their ability to understand each other and hold a productive conversation about family money and wealth is limited. The consequence of this is much unhappiness, misunderstanding and missed opportunities for productive exchange and good decisions and life choices. This book takes a child's eye view of the meaning of money and wealth, and helps parents become aware of how thoughtful, concerned and yes, sophisticated and aware, their children are. It shows the way to open up a dialogue across generations, and how even the youngest member of a family can and should be engaged. By sharing stories and works from young people, this book is completely unique and uniquely useful.”
- Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., Professor and author of Stewardship In Your Family Enterprise: Developing Responsible Family Leadership Across Generations

“There exists a cottage industry of advisors whose job seems to be to confirm many of parents' worst fears about money and their children. Barbara and Suzy dispose of all that and bring a vision based on long experience that sees wealth for what it really is: a powerful tool for us and those we care for to imagine and to pursue our most profound dreams. The idea of wealth as a sickness, affluenza, is set aside. The shame with which North American culture regards inherited wealth is put in the perspective of different cultures, and gives parents a chance to embrace higher, universal values. As a result Mommy, are we rich? is not simply empty talking points for parents containing ideas they don't truly believe themselves. This book is for the one-percenters who want, in joy and not shame, to leave a beautiful legacy for themselves, for their children, and for the planet.”  
- Eugene Lipitz, CIO of the family office Commodore Management and author of the essay “Daddy, are we rich?"

"Barbara and Suzy have written a very approachable book on a very important (and often scary) topic. The observation that the money talk is often harder for parents to broach with their children than the sex talk is spot on. Their delightful conversational approach, including helpful suggestions for age-appropriate responses to questions that have long challenged parents of wealth, is based in conviction that honest communication builds trust and understanding between the generations. The international insights, with Asian, Latin and Gulf nuances, reinforce that these parenting issues are not only timeless, but global in nature."
- Susan Schoenfeld

“A thoughtful guide that provides a practical, direct approach to exploring the complex issues of wealth with children and young adults. Wish I had this book when my kids were younger!”
- Madeleine Arnow, Arnow Family Foundation

“Families of wealth struggle with many of the issues that all families face—but the wealth acts as an amplifier. The issue of the wealth itself, and what it means or doesn’t mean to each family member is so often a paralyzing issue. This refreshing book by Barbara and Suzy encourages parents to stay focused on the more important issues—of love and respect for the children and each other.”
- Dirk Jungé, a member of the Pitcairn family (and Executive Chairman of the Board)


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